What are / Who are Principle Designers

Principle Designers are responsible for advising and assisting clients to comply with their duties under the regulations. In particular to ensure that the works being carried out are sufficiently managed and that competent designers and contractors are appointed.

SSS are fully experienced and competent to undertake the role of the Principle Designer and by appointing SSS we will

  1. Advise and assist the client with his / her duties,
  2. Plan, manage and monitor health and safety in the pre construction phase of a project, including the identification, eliminating and/or controlling foreseeable risks and ensuring DESIGNERS carry out their duties,
  3. Assist in the preparation and completion of the Pre Construction information and submission to DESIGNERS and CONTRACTORS,
  4. Notification of the project by the Completion of an F10 Notification of project application (where required),
  5. Coordinate the aspects of health and safety with regards to the design work and cooperate with others involved with the proposed project,
  6. Facilitate and ensure good communication between the Client, Designers, Contractors and other third parties involved with the project,
  7. Liaise with the Principal Contractor with regards to the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of the construction phase,
  8. Ensure that all persons working in relation to the pre construction phase cooperate with the CLIENT, the PRINCIPLE DESIGNER and each other,
  9. Checking that DESIGNERS have sufficient skills, knowledge, experience and the capability to carry out the work,
  10. Prepare and present the health and safety Operation and Maintenance Manual on completion of the project

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